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Monday, 13/1
Thursday, 16/1
Introduction to cryptography, simple ciphers
Monday, 20/1
Data Encryption Standard (DES)
Wednesday, 22/1
In-class notes
Introduction to Galois Fields
Thursday, 23/1
DES Key Scheduling and Decryption
Friday, 24/1
Simplified DES
Monday, 27/1
Advanced Encryption Standard
Thursday, 30/1
No new slides
Advanced Encryption Standard
Monday, 3/1
Stream Ciphers
Wednesday, 5/2
Number Theory for RSA
Thursday, 6/2
No class (travelling)
Monday, 10/2
Modes of Operation in Block Ciphers
Wednesday, 12/2
Number Theory for RSA
Thursday, 13/2
Asymmetric Encryption and RSA
Monday, 17/2
Digital Signatures
Thursday, 17/2
No new slides
More on Cryptographic Hash Functions
Monday, 24/2
No class (travelling)
Thursday, 27/2
No new slides
Friday, 28/2
Document Signing Tool
Wednesday, 4/3
Midterm @(B204, B210)
Thursday, 5/3
Introduction to Software Security
Monday, 7/3
Control-flow Attacks (source)
Covid-19 Outbreak
Thursday, 18/3
No new slides
Control-flow attacks
Monday, 23/3
Thursday, 26/3
Code Injection (source, source)
Monday, 30/3
No new slides
Code Injection
Thursday, 2/4
Return-oriented Programming (ROP) (source, source, PDF)
Monday, 6/4
No new slides
Information Leaks (source, source)
Wednesday, 9/4
Heap Exploitation
Thursday, 9/4
Program Analysis and Applications
Monday, 13/4
Introduction to Network Security
Wednesday, 22/4
Exploit those binaries!
Thursday, 23/4
Attacking and Defending the Network
Monday, 27/4
Transport Layer Security (TLS)
Monday, 8/4
Message Authentication Codes (MACs)
Monday, 4/5
Introduction to Web Security
Thursday, 7/5
The Onion Router (TOR)
(c) Elias Athanasopoulos